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What We Do


Music Scholarship
In the past, The Foundation provided music scholarships to organizations such as Music Link Foundation, Levine School of Music and Wagene Ethiopian Foundation in the Washington, DC metro area, as well as to the Ethiopian Immigrants Association in Jerusalem, Israel.

Going forward, music scholarship will continue to be granted to schools and nonprofit organizations whose missions resonate with our mission, vision and values.

After School
In the past, The foundation organized music summer camps for children ages 6 through 17.

The Foundation reconfigured its approach to partner with education enterprises and support their programs with financial donations and some guidance where needed. The after school program is flexible in that The Foundation may fund a student who studies with a master or fund a school to organize bands or music camps.

"I recently fell in love with Emahoy Tsegue Maryam's piano play. Reading more about her story makes the music even more interesting and beautiful. I play the piano myself and would like to learn her songs."
L. S. - a fan
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