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The Team

Hanna M. Kebbede

Hanna M. Kebbede, Founder and CEO
Hanna M. Kebbede is founder of The Foundation and CEO of the brand "Emahoy Tsegue Music." Hanna served as board Chair of The Foundation until 2019. In addition, she has also been heading the Emahoy Tsege Mariam Music Publisher, Inc. since its inception in 2020.


As CEO of the Emahoy Tsegue Music brand, she is leading the publishing, licensing, archiving, and marketing of Emahoy's music works.  Hanna has collaborated with numerous artists, musicians, filmmakers and performers from all over the world to make the music of Emahoy accesible for use in their respective projects. Hanna co-executive produced, directed a feature-length documentary film titled, “Labyrinth of Belonging: the story of Emahoy Tsegue Maryam Guebrou.” The film is now in post production.

Hanna brought to the Foundation a wealth of experience from twenty plus years of building development programs and managing projects with the United Nations and varioius international nonprofits in more than a dozen countreis spanning the continets of Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.  

Hanna is a thriving entrepreneur, writer and visual artist. 

Tania Adams_edited.jpg

Tania Adams, Executive Director
Our Executive Director brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our Foundation with a diverse background in music management and administration. With a passion for the arts and a proven track record of driving success, she has played a crucial role in various organizations and events.


Her deep love for music, combined with her ability to manage effectively, collaborate with stakeholders, and achieve results, is certain to propel our music foundation to new levels of excellence. 

Thomas Feng

Thomas Feng

Thomas Feng is a pianist, composer, and DMA candidate at Cornell University, currently at work on a dissertation about Emahoy Tsege-Mariam Gebru. He principally performs and studies music by living composers and underrepresented figures within the (especially American) modernist repertoire. General interests otherwise included music notation practices, rhythmic embodiment, experiences of diaspora, solitary music-making, and archiving. For more information, visit

Mary Sutton

Mary Sutton
Mary Sutton is a composer and keyboardist based in Portland, Oregon. She has worked extensively with the composer Emahoy Tsegue Maryam Guebrou and helped transcribe and edit 16 of her compositions into a book that was published through The Foundation. As a composer, she performs under the name Saloli, and her first album, The Deep End, was released through Kranky in 2018. 

She is also active as a music educator, teaching music theory at Portland Community College as well as private piano and composition lessons. She holds a BM in Music Composition from New England Conservatory and an MA in Piano Performance from Portland State University.

Bisrat Kebede

Bisrat Kebede

Bisrat Kebede graduated from Emory University School of Law and now serves as In-House Counsel for a national Insurance company. He is a longtime admirer of Emahoy’s works. His other passions include transcendental philosophy, film, and playing with his dog, Shadow.

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