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Get Involved and Volunteer


Interested in volunteering?
We have great volunteer opportunities at The Foundation. You can get involved by supporting the functions of several departments. If you love music and helping provide access to music education for children, The Foundation would like to hear from you.

Volunteers have helped with piano and guitar lessons as well as supported our operations with social media and outreach. You can help raise community awareness to benefit children with financial restrictions if you are comfortable with digital media.

​EMF is asking for Volunteers for the following areas:

Coordinate music camps in the DMV area

Social media and community outreach

Organize concerts and online events


Just fill out the form below and let us know your skills and interests, as well as when you are available. We’d love to hear from you! 

Gloria volunteered as a piano teacher at summer camp.


Rachel led summer camp as a music teacher in 2017.

Priest Jeanne donated music books for our camp.


Join Us!

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