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Your donations help fund music scholarships, lessons, and instruments for students. The foundation provided music scholarships ranging from $500 to $2000 through organizations which administered the funds. In 2020, the foundation plans to increase the scholarship funds up to $5000 per organization per year. The foundation also provides international scholarships in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Jerusalem.


= towards a month of music lessons for one student

Receive a free download of Emahoy’s Mother's Love music sheet.

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= towards a month of band music program in Ethiopia

Receive a free Emahoy Music Foundation tote bag. 


= towards a month of music lessons in Virginia, USA

Receive a free Emahoy Music CD with piano solos. 


= towards two months of music lessons in Virginia, USA

Receive a music book. 


= towards a 6-months after school program in Ethiopia

Receive a music book and Ethiopiques 21 CD and Visionary CD


= supports for all the activities listed above

Receive DVD copy of the documentary, "Labyrinth of Belonging: Story of Emahoy Tsegue Maryam Guebrou"

"Thank you for helping to keep Emahoy’s music alive. After hearing Homesickness in that Apple ad last year (2019), I was entranced. She is such an intriguing human being and I am happy that she is getting well-deserved recognition."

C.J. - a fan

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