You can volunteer to give music lessons to children who could not afford it but who have the talent and passion. 


You can donate money to support the work of the Emahoy Music Foundation, funding music education one child at a time. 



  • You could purchase Emahoy's Solo Piano Ethiopiques CD21 or the Visionary CD

  • Emahoy's music sheets in PDF format

Our vision is to use music and change lives by supporting one child at a time.

Our mission is to make a difference in a child's life through music education. We partner and collaborate with people and organizations to empower communities and to nurture underprivileged children.

Our values are based on love and service, transparency and cooperation. 


We are a 501C(3) nonprofit organization approved by the IRS.



Music Summer Camp


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Email: info@emahoymusicfoundation.org

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